Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

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Action Plan

We're implementing our DEI Action Plan and progressing on our 2023-2024 goals.

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At Social Finance we are fundamentally dedicated to realigning social and economic systems to enable people of all identities and experiences to thrive. To achieve our mission, we must acknowledge and address the inequality and racism that have long existed within our society. Simply put, we believe that a deep and enduring commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is critical to realizing a richer, more just world. As we act on our commitments, we welcome all views and beliefs that lead people to work with us in good faith to end disparities and inequality more broadly.

We believe our DEI efforts must address both how we operate internally as an organization, and how we operate externally through our work. DEI has to be part of both who we are and what we do.

What This Means For Us Organizationally

Our DEI work is prioritized internally because our people are our most valuable resource. By building a team whose members have diverse identities, experiences, and perspectives, we can collectively brighten our ideas, deepen our insights, and amplify our impact.

Providing an equitable and supportive environment where people can lead with their strengths and be empowered and successful enables our team to thrive. An inclusive culture that allows for the open and respectful sharing of different approaches and ideas across the organization, and supports continuous learning and growth, makes it possible for us to evolve and adapt to better serve our mission and, ultimately, have lasting impact.


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A Black family sits in a grassy park having a picnic

Social Enterprise and Impact Investing as a Tool for Black Economic Mobility

For most Black people in the United States, economic mobility has remained elusive despite years of government and private solutions intended to serve as a charitable panacea. George Floyd’s murder in May of 2020 brought this issue to the forefront of the public discourse, evoking crucial conversations about structural racial and economic inequities in the U.S. These conversations thrust the economic plight of Black people into the social consciousness, spurring official commitments to action from both corporate and civil society. However, mere commitment has not been enough.

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What This Means For Our Work in Communities

To truly achieve our mission, we have to incorporate DEI into all facets of our work.

We must design and implement action-oriented partnerships and investments that remove systemic barriers to access and opportunity. We must incorporate community expertise to develop and refine solutions that translate to long-term impact. We must work with our partners, across sectors, to ensure DEI is central to every engagement, understanding that the greatest impact is achieved through collaboration. And we must remain cognizant of how Social Finance navigates in the world as an impact finance and advisory organization to make certain we are leveraging our talent, tools and resources in a way that is consistent with our DEI beliefs.

Looking Ahead

As we commit to the next chapters in our DEI journey, we acknowledge that we have not, nor will we, always get it right the first time, and that we have a long way to go. We are committed to moving forward with humility; open, reflective minds; kind hearts; steadfast dedication; and the courage to fail. At a fundamental level, we recognize the common humanity and equal value in all people, and accordingly work to improve outcomes and provide opportunities for those impacted by poverty, racism and inequality. We commit to holding ourselves accountable to our DEI principles and the goals set out in our DEI strategy knowing that this work is vital in achieving our mission.

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Stephanie Reyes and her son taking a selfie.

Recognizing the Value of Community Voice

Partnerships and investments that deliver real impact for people and communities often hinge on participant engagement. When connecting with participants to gather their reflections, it’s important to recognize this essential input for what it actually is: lived expertise worthy of fair compensation.

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Our DEI Definitions




Our DEI Action Committee

The DEI Action Committee leads, owns, monitors, and is accountable for all DEI efforts at Social Finance. The committee is composed of seven standing members, whose job roles include DEI responsibilities, and six rotating members from all levels of the organization who are chosen through a formal selection process and commit to minimum terms of six months.

Current Members