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Google Career Certificates Fund

Impact Investments, Workforce & Economic Mobility, Education


$100MInvestment by Google to create a more equitable job market and fill talent gaps across the country


Targeted wage gains for 20,000+ learners

With support from the $100 million Google Career Certificates Fund, Social Finance is managing an innovative investment program that aims to empower more than 20,000 learners to realize over $1 billion in aggregate wage gains over the next decade.

Supported by inaugural training providers Merit America and Year Up, learners upskill and earn Google Career Certificates—industry-recognized credentials that equip people with the job-ready skills needed to enter in-demand fields such as data analytics, digital marketing and e-commerce, IT support, project management, and user experience design. The program focuses on helping people from underserved communities access well-paying, high-growth jobs.

By increasing access to skills-based training and supportive services, Google, Social Finance, and our partners are working to create a more equitable and inclusive job market and fill talent gaps across the country.


How It Works

Learners enroll with one of our training providers at no upfront cost and repay the cost of the program only if they land a job earning a minimum amount, such as $40,000 a year. Benefits include:

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Job-ready skills training

Through Google Career Certificates, learners develop skills designed to prepare them for high-growth careers with proven success—75% of certificate graduates report a positive career impact within six months of completion, such as a raise, promotion, or new job.

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Student-friendly financing

Guided by a Student Bill of Rights, students repay via flat monthly payments for a set term, as long as their income remains above the minimum threshold. For example, students who secure jobs earning $40,000 would pay approximately $100 a month. Learners who earn less than $40,000 pay nothing. Repayment terms, such as minimum earnings amount and monthly payment amounts, will vary by training provider. Social Finance will reinvest repayments back into the program for several years to enable future learners to benefit.

Wraparound support

Learners receive career and professional development services that may include resume review, coaching, interview prep, and job placement support, as well as funding to address real-life challenges that may arise during training—such as emergency aid funds, transportation, and child care cost support.

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Get Started with Merit America

The Google Career Certificates Fund is proud to work with Merit America, a nonprofit that works with major employers to build new pathways to upwardly mobile careers for Americans without college degrees. Apply today.

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Get Started with Year Up

The Google Career Certificates Fund is proud to work with Year Up, a nonprofit that strives to close the Opportunity Divide by providing young adults with in-demand skills training, followed by an internship at a top employer. Apply today.

We are proud to work with Social Finance, the recipient of our largest economic opportunity investment to date. They have met the challenge head-on, designing a first-of-its-kind loan fund to provide workforce training and support.

Hector Mujica

Head of Economic Opportunity, Americas, Google.org

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Participant Stories

Laura, a participant in Merit America's Google Career Certificates program, stands in front of a computer

With a Google Data Analytics Certificate, Laura Has Career Options and Room to Grow

Laura was working in an administrative role at a small tech company when she learned about Merit America on TikTok. Through an investment program supported by the Google Career Certificates Fund, Laura was able to enroll in training at no upfront cost and with minimal financial risk. “It sounded too good to be true, but it was truly the golden ticket for me. The ability to pay after earning a new job was my biggest deciding factor,” said Laura.

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For Arthur, Short-Term Training Unlocked a Meaningful Career Path

Arthur, a young man living in Delaware, was delivering packages and looking for the right next step in his career. He liked the idea of a short-term training program, but he wasn’t ready to take the financial risk of leaving his job and paying for tuition. That’s when Arthur learned about Merit America. He enrolled in their 14-week IT Support program. With help from the Google Career Certificates Fund, he financed his training through a zero-percent loan.   


Additional qualified training providers will join the program over the course of this 10-year fund. If you’re interested in becoming a training provider, please fill out this form.


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Header photo courtesy of Google (Karrim Omer, Google Career Certificates Graduate, Data Analytics). All other photos courtesy of Merit America and Year Up.