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Case Studies: New Approaches to Financing Education and Training

Impact Investments, Workforce & Economic Mobility, Career Impact Bonds, Pay It Forward Funds


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Since the development of the Career Impact Bond, Social Finance has worked with partners across sectors to expand access to quality job training and economic mobility.

The case studies here explore some of these unique partnerships, highlighting the distinct program design, implementation, and management considerations that shaped each effort.

These cases include:

  • The American Diesel Training Centers Career Impact Bond, a training program supported by the UP Fund, that credits its high job placement rate to strong ties with top employers.
  • The Google Career Certificates Fund, which helps learners earn Google Career Certificates with training providers like Merit America and Year Up, and aims to help 20,000 learners realize $1 billion in wage gains.
  • And the New Jersey Pay It Forward Program, launched with New Jersey and the New Jersey CEO Council, which prepares residents for jobs within industries such as clean energy, healthcare, and IT.

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New Jersey Pay It Forward Program Launch Event
Tracy and Governor Phil Murphy of NJ

New Jersey Pay It Forward Program Launch Event

Hudson County Community College hosted a launch event for the New Jersey Pay It Forward Program, a joint initiative of Governor Phil Murphy, the State of New Jersey, New Jersey CEO Council, and Social Finance.

New Jersey Office of the Governor and Social Finance