Google Career Certificates Fund Student Bill of Rights

The Student Bill of Rights for the Google Career Certificates Fund.

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With support from the $100 million Google Career Certificates Fund, Social Finance is managing an innovative investment program that aims to empower more than 20,000 learners to realize over $1 billion in aggregate wage gains over the next decade.

Supported by inaugural training providers Merit America and Year Up, learners upskill and earn Google Career Certificates—industry-recognized credentials that equip people with the skills needed to enter in-demand fields such as data analytics, IT support, project management, and user experience design. The program focuses on helping people from underserved communities access well-paying, high-growth jobs.

Student Bill of Rights

1. Right to Financial Education and Information

Students have the right to information and support that help them: a) understand their loan product and payment terms, b) manage activities and obligations, c) complete the program and obtain meaningful employment, and d) achieve increased economic well-being.

2. Right to Transparency and Individual Privacy

Students have the right to clear terms and open communications so that they may make informed and empowered financial decisions. Accordingly, students will receive:

  • Clear Terms: Students receive clear summaries of loan terms, upfront and in writing, including access to materials that outline loan eligibility criteria, define key loan terminology, and understand repayment and deferment options.
  • Open Communications: Students have access to staff throughout the lifecycle of their loans from pre-application to full repayment who can answer their questions and care about their success, no matter how they pursue it.
  • Individual Privacy: Students’ personal information will be held in strict privacy.

3. Right to Career and Support Services

Students have the right to support services that help them graduate, find good jobs, and achieve increased economic well-being. These include:

  • Wraparound Support Services: Students have access to a network of critical wraparound services, such as social workers for help navigating real-life challenges, emergency aid funds for urgent needs, or connections to other important community-based supports.
  • Career Services: Students have access to one-on-one career coaching for interview preparation, networking, job searches, and resume-writing.

4. Right to Transparency and Individual Privacy

Students have the right to finance their education with extremely student-friendly terms. Therefore, they can count on:

  • Downside Protection: Students repay their training costs following graduation if and only if their earned monthly income rises above a set minimum income threshold. Students whose monthly incomes are under the threshold do not pay.
  • Cost-Effective Terms: Students will receive 0% interest, outcome-based loans and the value of the loan will never exceed the cost of services received.
  • Fair, Student-Friendly Loan Servicing: Students will be supported in their repayment with dedicated servicing.
  • Tuition Refund Guarantee: Students who do not obtain employment within 24 months of graduating will be eligible for a Tuition Refund Guarantee, as outlined in the student’s enrollment agreement with the training provider.