A student celebrates graduation from CrossPurpose, a training provider in the Colorado Pay It Forward Fund.

Colorado Pay It Forward Fund

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$8M+Revolving workforce fund to upskill residents and fill critical job openings

Social Finance is partnering with five Colorado philanthropies and multiple training providers across the state on a pioneering Pay It Forward Fund to prepare Colorado residents for in-demand, well-paying jobs in industries including IT, cybersecurity, business development, skilled trades, and health care.

The Colorado Pay It Forward Fund provides different kinds of financing for learners, training providers, and employers. For each kind of financing, all loan repayments are recycled back into the fund to support future learners.

  • Tuition and living expense loans for learners: Zero-interest, no-fee loans to cover tuition for high-quality job training or living expenses during training. After completing training, if participants earn at least $40,000/year, they or their future employers pay back their loans through low monthly repayments. If they don’t earn more than this salary threshold, they do not pay.
  • Working capital loans for training providers and employers: Low- or zero-interest working capital loans enable training providers to serve more learners and generate more employer partnerships; they also allow employers to employ and retain the local talent they need to operate and scale. Generally, loan repayment is structured to occur as the training provider or employer generates added revenue.

Training Providers




The Master's Apprentice

Learners and employers reflect on the Colorado Pay It Forward Fund at an event hosted by the Arvada Chamber of Commerce.

Partners and Supporters


To learn more about investment opportunities and supporting the Fund, please reach out to Andrew Chen.

Photos courtesy of CrossPurpose, ActivateWork, CareerDash, Master’s Apprentice, and Colorado Succeeds.

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