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United Way Miami Workforce Project

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Focused on veterans, people of color, and single female heads of household in Miami-Dade County, Florida

Social Finance is partnering with United Way Miami on the United Way Miami Workforce Project, the first Pay It Forward Fund in the state of Florida, to upskill Miami residents for in-demand jobs that lead to economic mobility. The project enables people with low incomes in Miami-Dade County—especially veterans, people of color, and single female heads of household—to enroll in high-quality job training and move into family-sustaining careers. The inaugural training provider in the project is 4Geeks Academy, a coding bootcamp that provides technical training, mentorship, and career support to the Miami-Dade community.


  • Expand access to training: Minimize risks for learners by covering their upfront tuition costs and providing supportive services to help them succeed. Learners only repay program costs if they land and keep a job above a certain salary.
  • Power the local economy: Upskill Miami-Dade residents for careers in software development and other in-demand fields, amplifying economic opportunity in the region.
  • Create a sustainable cycle of training: The project is structured as a Pay It Forward Fund—participants who find jobs “pay it forward” into a common fund to support future learners.

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How It Works

We believe that the Pay It Forward model, a workforce development program based on the individual’s ability to repay, is an innovative solution to allow those in the program to thrive and help others in the community.

Symeria Hudson

President and CEO, United Way Miami

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