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With Her Own Apartment and Support Services, Alice is on a Path to Success

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After more than ten years of living outside and in shelters in Anchorage, Alice now has her own apartment

This story is adapted from an article originally published by United Way of Anchorage.

After more than ten years of living outside and in shelters, Alice now has her own apartment thanks to Home for Good—a Pay for Success project between United Way of Anchorage, the Municipality of Anchorage, Social Finance, and additional partners. Launched in 2020, the housing-first program seeks to help people experiencing persistent homelessness access permanent housing and supportive services.

Getting an apartment through Home for Good was an important starting point for Alice, who says the safety of a home has allowed her to focus on her recovery and her future. After working with her case management team at the Southcentral Foundation and receiving wraparound supports—like mental health and substance use treatment—Alice is enrolled in a career training program and on a path of sustained success.

Alice’s case manager emphasizes that the success is all hers: “She did all the work herself, every single step of the way.”

Photo courtesy of United Way of Anchorage.

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