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For Shane, Clinical and Job Support—and a New Lease on Life

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“Zach from Behavioral Health came and said, 'Do you want to get out of here? I can help you.' And he did.”

This story is adapted from an article originally published by Providence Alaska.

Today, Shane lives in a small downstairs apartment with a full kitchen. His humble dwelling is a far cry from the tent he was living in a year ago—thanks to the support of Home for Good, an outcomes-based funding project between the Municipality of Anchorage, United Way of Anchorage, Social Finance, and additional partners to help residents of Anchorage, Alaska experiencing persistent homelessness access permanent housing and supportive services.

Shane became involved in the project after he was attacked one night in his tent. He was still recovering when a Home for Good case worker convinced him to enroll in the program. Soon, Shane was attending stress management classes, receiving clinical therapeutic support, and getting help with substance abuse management. Not long after, with his case worker’s support, he was able to find a stable place to live and heal.

Looking back on his experiences, Shane says that if it hadn’t been for Home for Good, he doesn’t think he would have survived.

“Zach [a caseworker] from Behavioral Health came and said, ‘Do you want to get out of here? I can help you.’ And he did. He did everything he said he’d do; it never stopped,” said Shane.

Photo courtesy of Providence Alaska.

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