Originally funded through a Social Impact Bond, the extension of Veterans Coordinated Approach to Recovery and Employment (Veterans CARE) is an outcomes-based project supporting unemployed, underemployed, or vulnerably employed veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and/or military sexual trauma. The project helps veterans attain competitive, compatible employment through Individual Placement and Support (IPS) services.

With over 25 published randomized controlled trials, IPS is an evidence-based approach to supported employment that emphasizes integrated mental health care and rapid job search for competitive work to meet an individual’s needs and preferences. IPS services have been shown to improve competitive employment outcomes for veterans, including increased likelihood of obtaining a competitive job, holding full-time employment, becoming steady workers, and earning more income.

“After not being out of the house for nine years, this veteran has reclaimed his sense of worth and dedication to himself. In the last month, he has gone to an interview, gained a position as a warehouse manager, traveled from Brooklyn to New Jersey, gotten his driver’s license, and started a full-time job.”

IPS Specialist

Following sustained, strong veteran employment outcomes throughout the original iteration of Veterans CARE, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts funded a 15-month extension to continue IPS service delivery across the Massachusetts sites beginning in October 2021 and continuing through at least December 2022. The Veterans CARE extension project is a partnership between Social Finance, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, The Tuscaloosa Research and Education Advancement Corporation (TREAC), and Westat.

To assess the impact of IPS on veteran outcomes throughout the extension, Veterans CARE will continue to measure three of the program’s original key metrics—fidelity to the IPS model, veteran earnings, and veteran days worked—across three sites in Eastern and Central Western Massachusetts.

IPS services will continue to be provided at the New York City site through the VA New York Harbor Healthcare System’s Whole Health Program, a program focused on providing holistic care for the health and well-being of veterans.

Goals of the Project 

  • Support unemployed, underemployed, or vulnerably employed veterans with PTSD and/or military sexual trauma in attaining competitive, compatible employment
  • Expand high-quality IPS services to create significant benefits (e.g., increased likelihood of sustaining full-time employment, earning more income, improving interpersonal relationships, improving daily lifestyle) for additional veterans, including those managing conditions outside of PTSD
  • Lay the groundwork for the use of outcomes-based funding models to scale the impact of Veterans CARE within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

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The Commonwealth of Massachusetts serves as the outcomes payor for the Veterans CARE extension, providing the outcomes-based funding for continued IPS service delivery across its sites. 

Social Finance supported the design and financial structuring of the project and is currently providing active performance management services for the duration of the extension.

The Tuscaloosa Research and Education Advancement Corporation continues to support local VA medical centers to offer IPS to veterans with PTSD and/or military sexual trauma.

Westat is leading the evaluation of the project.