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Improving Outcomes for Veterans

Bank of America and Social Finance

Public Sector Solutions, Workforce & Economic Mobility, Health, Homelessness & Housing, Results-Based Funding


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Bank of America partnered with Social Finance to conduct a feasibility study that identified potential Pay for Success (PFS) projects to serve veterans. After analyzing high-quality interventions, Social Finance identified three options for PFS projects to scale up effective programs for veterans: Individualized Placement and Support, the Transitional Care Model, and Permanent Supportive Housing.

Through this first-of-its-kind feasibility study, we’ve assessed the viability of using PFS financing to expand evidence-based services for veterans in the areas of employment, wellness, and housing.

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Veterans CARE Project Summary
Affectionate military reunion between father and daughter

Veterans CARE Project Summary

Following sustained, strong veteran employment outcomes throughout this period, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts funded a 15-month extension of Veterans CARE beginning in October 2021 and continuing through at least December 2022.

Hanna Jamal and Storey Dyer Kloman

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Supporting Veterans with PTSD: Enabling an Individualized Approach to Job Search and Placement

Veterans CARE embedded Individual Placement and Support (IPS) services at four VA medical centers in New York and Massachusetts. IPS prioritizes rapid job search for employment opportunities that match an individual’s needs, talents, and preferences,…

Storey Dyer Kloman

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Workforce Realigned: Worker Voices Video

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