Lily Hoffman

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(She, her, hers)

Associate Director, Data Analytics


Lily Hoffman is an Associate Director of Data Analytics based in the Boston office.

Previously, she worked as the Analytics Project Coordinator at the Connecticut Office of Policy and Management, the Governor’s staff agency. She provided technical assistance to interagency leadership to promote data-driven systems change and performance. Lily’s work in Connecticut focused on projects that furthered social economic mobility, racial equity, and cross-agency services.

Before joining the Office of Policy and Management, she conducted research in applied economics at Yale University, where she used discrete choice models to understand the relationship between election closeness and voter turnout with precinct-level data. She also interned at the Rhode Island Innovative Policy Lab, where she studied the impact of removing children from families investigated for abuse or neglect on educational outcomes using administrative data.

Lily holds a B.A. in Applied Mathematics and Economics from Brown University.

I like to apply new analytical methods to enhance our outcomes rate cards in social services.