While economic mobility has been declining for decades, the Covid-19 pandemic and its economic impacts demonstrate an urgent need to reimagine and rebuild pathways to economic mobility. Over 50 million people, almost a third of our nation’s workforce, filed for unemployment in 2020—with disproportionate impacts on people of color and low-wage earners.

Social Finance develops innovative financing solutions to increase access to effective education and training programs and prepare workers for jobs that lead to sustainable careers and a more equitable society.

How We Help

  • Design and deploy innovative financing strategies, such as Career Impact Bonds and Pay It Forward Funds, to build pathways to economic mobility.
  • Advise governments, employers, philanthropies, and service providers on outcomes-driven solutions for reskilling and upskilling, job placements, supportive services, and retention.
  • Conduct data-driven analyses to identify effective workforce interventions poised for public and private investment.
  • Implement performance management and capacity building for organizations implementing workforce training.


Google Career Certificates Fund

Design and manage an investment program supported by the $100 million Google Career Certificates Fund to empower more than 20,000 learners to realize over $1 billion in aggregate wage gains over the next decade. Learn more >

Massachusetts Pathways to Economic Advancement Pay for Success Project

Increase access to vocational English classes, skills training, and better jobs for approximately 2,000 immigrants and refugees in Greater Boston. This project deploys $12.4 million over six years to expand the work of Jewish Vocational Service, one of Greater Boston’s largest community-based workforce and adult education providers. This is the first Pay for Success project in the United States to focus exclusively on workforce development. Learn more >

Veterans CARE Outcomes-Based Project 

Support unemployed, underemployed, or vulnerably employed veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and/or military sexual trauma in attaining competitive, compatible employment through Individual Placement and Support (IPS) services. Learn more >

The UP Fund

Invest in 8-12 Career Impact Bonds through a $40 million impact investment fund to help unemployed and underemployed students secure good jobs in a changing economy. Learn more >

Retention-based Contracts with Seedco and Employer Partners

Develop a first-of-its-kind retention-based contract between Seedco, a NY-based nonprofit, and select employer partners. The project delivers post-placement job services to improve job retention and other employment outcomes and tests the viability of employers serving as outcome payors in an outcomes-based contract.  

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Our Team

Our staff brings experience from government and leading financial, consulting, nonprofit, and legal firms and is deeply committed to excellence, collaboration, and impact. Over the last decade, our team has:

  • Established and staffed a $40 million impact investment fund, the UP Fund, to deploy 8-12 Career Impact Bonds across the country.
  • Launched and managed four Social Impact Bonds that are mobilizing more than $34 million for workforce outcomes, serving refugees and immigrants, formerly incarcerated individuals, and veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder.
  • Advised on the development of workforce-related outcomes rate cards, with governments including the Cities of Memphis and Austin.
  • Developed expertise on economic mobility issues through our broad portfolio of workforce-related projects and close collaboration with cross-sector stakeholders.

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Contact Us

If you are interested in learning more about our economic mobility work, contact Vice President Jake Edwards.