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Learning Alliance Career Impact Bond

Impact Investments, Workforce & Economic Mobility, Education


900Target number of broadband technicians trained through this investment

Social Finance is partnering with Learning Alliance Corporation (LAC), a Tampa-based telecommunications training provider, on a Career Impact Bond. The program aims to help 900 workers enroll in two and four-week wireless and fiber technician training programs, learn new skills, and land good jobs. 


  • Remove barriers to job training: Increase access to in-demand skills by covering tuition costs and providing access to supportive services to help learners succeed
  • Promote economic mobility: Help more people enter a growing industry with opportunity for growth and advancement.
  • Advance digital equity: Help grow the workforce needed to provide all Americans with affordable, high-speed broadband internet access.  

How It Works

Participant Stories

Short-Term Training Helped Allen Land an In-Demand Job
A man with a beard taking a selfie in a warehouse.

Short-Term Training Helped Allen Land an In-Demand Job

In July of 2022, Allen enrolled in LAC’s intensive fiber splicing course. After weeks of hands-on training, he graduated and landed a job as a fiber technician earning $25,000 more a year than he was before he enrolled in training.  

Partners & Supporters


By hiring graduates of the program, we are not just investing in individual futures, but also in the broader health and diversity of the telecommunications industry.

Ty Brauch

Vice President, New-Tech Construction

Initiatives like this will make a huge difference in the outreach effort and in creating a diverse candidate pipeline, areas where the industry has struggled.

Leticia Latino van-Splunteren

CEO, Neptuno USA, Corp

The demand for quality training from our employer partners is huge, and the Career Impact Bond program improves our ability to meet that demand.

Cesar Ruiz

CEO, Learning Alliance

Interested learners can contact Learning Alliance Corporation for more information.

Photo in the header is courtesy of Learning Alliance.

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