Above view of people having group therapy during COVID-19 pandemic.

Supporting California Public Officials with Mental Health Guidance During Covid-19

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28Requests fielded from California county governments

At the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, Social Finance collaborated with the California Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission (MHSOAC) to develop the Rapid Response Network (RNN), a statewide system to help county officials access expert guidance to address the mental health fallout associated with Covid-19.


  • Help county governments in California access quick and customized pandemic-related mental health care resources from external experts.
  • Facilitate connections among county governments in California to build a body of shared resources.

The Work

  • Request response: Fielded and managed inquiries, including 48-hour urgent requests, from county officials on various topics related to Covid-19, such as health care delivery adaptation and coordination, staffing, and service evaluation. Worked with academic institutions, philanthropies, public agencies, think tanks, and the research firm GLG to gather and synthesize expert guidance.

The Results

  • Responded to almost 28 requests over six months, with nearly every requester giving the RRN top ratings and almost one-third of requesters submitting multiple inquiries.



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