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Short-Term Training was “Life-Changing” for Paul

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A $58,000 increase in salary for Paul, a graduate of the Alchemy Code Lab Career Impact Bond

Paul was working around the clock at UPS and taking undergraduate classes at a community college, but he felt like progress through the four-year curriculum was slow and unfulfilling.

He decided to try a different path: He began researching coding bootcamps in his area, looking for a program that really cared about students and their outcomes. When he read about the results of Alchemy Code Lab’s full-time software development course, he knew he had found the right program. He enrolled in Alchemy through the Career Impact Bond, a financing option developed in partnership with Social Finance that helps learners upskill with minimal financial risk.

Paul graduated and landed a job at Pay Clearly, a provider of corporate payment solutions. His starting salary was $88,000—a $58,000 increase from what he was making at UPS. Today, he works remotely, from the same desk where he took his Alchemy classes.

Before I did the Alchemy bootcamp, I was doing work that was mentally under-stimulating and physically exhausting. It was a big drain on me. Now, being able to do this kind of creative, collaborative, and mentally stimulating work has made a huge difference. I’m less stressed out, happier, and making more money. That’s life-changing.Paul, Alchemy Code Lab Career Impact Bond graduate

Paul was compensated for his time spent talking with Social Finance about Alchemy Code Lab.

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