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For Dimitra, the Right Support Helped Her Find a More Fulfilling Career

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"I now have the work life balance I’ve always been striving for."

Dimitra, a Portland, OR native and mom to a toddler, was earning $43,000 a year as a high school art teacher. Feeling unfulfilled after many years of this work, she decided to try something new: She quit her job and enrolled in Alchemy Code Lab’s 25-week immersive coding program through the Career Impact Bond. The Career Impact Bond is a student-friendly financing model in which participants repay program costs only if they land jobs making a certain salary floor, in this case $50,000 a year or more. Dimitra took advantage of the program’s tuition and living expense financing, which enabled her to focus on training full-time without having to worry about her monthly expenses.

After graduation, Dimitra was hired as a Junior Software Developer at Cornell Pump Company. The job brings daily challenges, stimulating her creative side. “That’s one of the draws of becoming a developer,” she explained. “You’re learning every day, you’re researching, you’re creating, and you’re problem-solving. You’re doing all the things, and that’s what keeps it exciting.”

With a starting salary of $65,000, the role is not only more fulfilling—it’s more financially sustaining than her previous role as an art teacher.

Things for me have changed a lot since I graduated...I have more time to spend with my daughter. I was able to move and finally purchase a home. I now have the work life balance I’ve always been striving for.DIMITRA, ALCHEMY CODE LAB CAREER IMPACT BOND GRADUATE

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Dimitra was compensated for her time spent talking with Social Finance about Alchemy Code Lab.

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