Social Finance has partnered with United Way Miami on the United Way Miami Workforce Project, the first Pay It Forward Fund in the state of Florida, to upskill Miami residents for in-demand jobs that lead to economic mobility. The project enables people in Miami-Dade County—especially veterans, people of color, and single female heads of household—to enroll in high-quality, industry-recognized job training and move into family-sustaining careers in a matter of months. Learn how to enroll >>

The inaugural training provider in the project is 4Geeks Academy, a coding bootcamp that provides technical training, mentorship, and career support to the Miami-Dade community. Learners enroll in 4Geeks’ Full-Stack Software Development program at no upfront cost. Those who find jobs earning more than $35,000 a year repay the cost of their tuition via monthly payments. Those who don’t earn more than the income threshold in a given month pay nothing. Learners also receive supportive services such as career coaching, living stipends, and emergency aid funds to help them graduate and succeed.

Structured as a Pay It Forward Fund, the revolving nature of the program creates a sustainable cycle of job training. Those who find jobs repay the cost of their training, paying it forward into a common fund to support future participants. United Way and Social Finance anticipate the project will expand to other industries in the coming months.



How It Works


United Way Miami is providing the upfront capital for the program and supportive services such as case managers, legal support, and financial coaches for learners.

Social Finance is raising the fund and managing the program toward optimal student outcomes.

4GeeksAcademy is the inaugural training provider offering career training and job placement support services to learners.

Leif is expected to serve as the servicing partner.