In September 2016, Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy, Connecticut Department of Children and Families (DCF), Family-Based Recovery, and Social Finance announced the launch of services for the Connecticut Family Stability Pay for Success Project, aimed at promoting family stability and reducing parental substance use for DCF-involved families. The initiative mobilizes $11.2 million to expand Family-Based Recovery’s services to an additional 500 families across Connecticut.

The program will support new treatment teams to promote positive parent-child interactions, increase parental awareness and understanding of child development, and help parents on their path to substance use recovery. These efforts will support parents and children, and keep Connecticut families together.

Goals of the Project

  • Create long-term and lasting results for families statewide, by supporting parents in substance use recovery and improving parent-child interactions.
  • Prevent out-of-home placements and re-referrals to DCF and reduce substance use by parents and caregivers.
  • Use an independent evaluation to understand the efficacy of the Family-Based Recovery model, providing important insight on how to best scale this program.
  • Bring an added level of government accountability for results for the families served.

How It Works

Connecticut DCF

Make outcome payments if outcomes are achieved

1 Partner

Social Finance

Develop project, mobilize capital, manage for results

2 Develop & Finance

Family-Based Recovery

Provide in-home treatment program

3 Deliver Services


Participate in FBR's services

4 Achieve Outcomes

UConn Health

Conduct evaluation (RCT)

5 Trigger outcome payments

Project funders

Provide upfront capital

Key Resources

In the News


Connecticut Department of Children and Families (DCF) leads the project and will make up to $14.8 million in success payments.

Family-Based Recovery will receive funding to expand its evidence-based in-home treatment program to serve an additional 500 DCF-involved families.

Social Finance supported the design, negotiation and financial structuring of the project and managed the capital raise. Social Finance will also coordinate performance management services for the duration of the project alongside CT DCF, FBR and the Harvard Kennedy School Government Performance Lab.

The Government Performance Lab at the Harvard Kennedy School provided assistance to DCF through all stages of the project, including policy area selection, project design, procurement, data analysis strategy, and contract negotiations.

UConn Health, an independent evaluation entity, will lead the evaluation of the project.


The project funders include:


Jones Day is serving as legal counsel to Social Finance in the Connecticut Family Stability Pay for Success project.