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Employers across the country are grappling with the challenge of filling critical job openings in industries like health care and transportation services. Some are shifting away from two- or four-year degree requirements. Others are investing more heavily in talent acquisition. But these approaches are not always enough. That’s where Talent Finance comes in.

Employer-led Talent Finance is an emerging approach to talent development that prepares workers for the jobs that employers need to fill. Social Finance partners with corporations on Talent Finance strategies to address their unique talent and business needs, from filling critical job openings to reducing turnover and acting on DEI commitments.

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New Jersey Pay It Forward Program Launch Event
HCCC program participant standing and smiling
Nursing Simulation Lab at Hudson County Community Colleg on Monday, Nov. 14, 2022 in Jersey City, N.J. (Charles Sykes/AP Images for Johnson & Johnson)

New Jersey Pay It Forward Program


Revolving workforce investment fund supported by leading NJ-based companies like Verizon and Merck

Social Finance is bringing key partners to the table, from public sector leaders to major employers, to design better, faster, and more agile mechanisms to train the future workforce.

Sarah Keh

Vice President, Inclusive Solutions, Prudential Financial and Vice President and Secretary, The Prudential Foundation

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