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When deployed effectively, impact investments can unlock capital for achieving positive social and environmental outcomes, complement traditional grant-making and investing strategies, and preserve and grow assets for future use.

Social Finance makes it easier for individuals, private foundations, community foundations, donor-advised funds (DAF), family offices, corporations, and financial institutions to embrace impact-first investing. 

As a registered investment advisor with a track record of mobilizing capital for social change, we offer: 

  • Education and Engagement: Social Finance offers workshops, focus groups, and customized trainings to help your key stakeholders (board, staff, investment committee, donors) move from learning about impact investing to making actual investments. We can also develop collateral, white-label web platforms, and staff training materials. 
  • Strategy Development: We partner with key stakeholders to develop and codify impact and financial goals; and determine focus areas across a full spectrum of impact investments and establish targets for risk, return, and liquidity.  
  • Impact Measurement and Management: We work with partners to develop impact goals and determine how best to measure performance. We can help your team develop simple, user-friendly systems for collecting, aggregating, and reporting on financial and impact performance data and using what you learn to inform your work. 
  • Portfolio Design & Construction: We determine appropriate structuring of investments, source and conduct impact and financial due diligence on investment opportunities, and support approval and execution of investments.   
  • Portfolio Management: Social Finance can advise on ongoing portfolio management, including allocating assets by risk, return, liquidity, asset class, and thematic and/or geographic exposure. We can also monitor financial and impact performance, correspond with external investment managers, and make decisions about reinvestment. 

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Unlocking DAFs for Impact-First Investing


Social Finance's estimate for the global annual pipeline of impact-first investments

Investing DAF Assets to Support Bay Area Communities
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Alamo Square is a residential neighborhood and park in San Francisco, California.

Investing DAF Assets to Support Bay Area Communities


Capital mobilized from donor-advised funds into curated impact-first investment opportunities

Partnering with Social Finance has allowed us to expand the tools we can offer our donors to help them amplify their impact, achieve their philanthropic goals, and contribute to equitable recovery efforts.

Nicole Taylor

President and CEO, Silicon Valley Community Foundation

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