Bisma Naqvi

An indian woman smiling in front of a pink background.

(She, her, hers)

Senior Associate


Bisma Naqvi is a Senior Associate at Social Finance, working with the impact investing and advisory services teams.

Previously, Bisma worked at NPX Advisors Inc., where she assisted in the development and launch of various outcomes funds designed to generate positive environmental and social impact. While there, Bisma also managed impact tracking for portfolio organizations focused on driving upward economic mobility. Her work spanned several impact areas including education, financial security, homelessness, health, job training and sustainability. Prior to NPX, Bisma was a senior associate on the Technology Investment Governance team at J.P. Morgan & Chase. Her role centered on analyzing potential investments and crafting technology spend strategy.

Bisma graduated cum laude from Bryn Mawr College with a B.A in Mathematics and Economics.