The Social Finance Institute

Who We Are

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The Social Finance Institute is a unique field-building platform, launched in 2023 within Social Finance. The Institute leverages insights from practitioners and experts to develop networks, tools, and actionable resources to advance outcomes-based, impact-first funding models to measurably improve people’s lives.

What We Do

Through the Social Finance Institute, we aim to build connections among cross-sector partners and amplify learnings for policymakers and practitioners looking to use innovative funding models to achieve impact. Our work focuses on key three areas:

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Actionable Research & Publications

Drawing upon Social Finance's extensive 13+ years of experience, as well as insights from other leaders in the field, the Institute develops applied research – often in collaboration with outside scholars and experts – including case studies, white papers, best practices, and tool kits to support stakeholders in pursuing social impact.

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Cohort & Learning Modules

By developing cohort and learning modules, the Institute will facilitate networking and knowledge exchange across sectors, regions, and silos, creating opportunities for changemakers to explore outcomes-driven approaches to solving challenges.

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Educational Outreach & Advocacy

We will use convenings, strategic communications, and direct engagement with thought leaders and policymakers to connect and amplify the tools and frameworks needed to achieve impact.

How New Partnerships Are Advancing Economic Mobility
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Workforce Realigned

How New Partnerships Are Advancing Economic Mobility

It’s time to rethink the way we finance worker upskilling to meet the future of work. From nascent ideas to case studies, the 19 chapters in the 2021 first editionauthored by leaders that include U.S. Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo, former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, former Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker, former FDIC Chair Sheila Bair, and more—outline a path forward.

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