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Talent Finance: A New Consensus and Return-to-Investment

U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Corporate Impact Solutions, Workforce & Economic Mobility, Education


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The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation published a white paper on talent finance, the development and use of public and private partnerships to align investments in talent development. The paper explores how public and private sector financing innovations can set the stage for restructuring how we finance and manage the risks in talent development. By leveraging data-driven and outcomes-based principles and robust employer leadership, these financing innovations support expanded opportunity and inclusion in the new economy. Social Finance’s work on the Career Impact Bond is included in the publication.

Read about how the Career Impact Bond changed one student’s life. And learn more about how organizations like Social Finance invest in the talent economy.

The dynamic nature of the new economy — coupled with the disruption caused by the global COVID-19 pandemic — has exposed new risks and introduced new challenges to our talent development systems and labor market...our goal is to promote innovations in public-private talent finance that result in improved global competitiveness and expanded economic opportunity and inclusion in the new economy.

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