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GSG Impact Summit Series 2022: Impact Valuation Fireside Chat

Tracy Palandjian and GSG Impact Summit Series

Impact Investments

Social Finance CEO and Co-Founder Tracy Palandjian moderated a fireside chat featuring George Serafeim, Charles M. Williams Professor of Business Administration and the Faculty Co-Chair of the Impact-Weighted Accounts Project at Harvard Business School, and Karen Karniol-Tambour, Co-Chief Investment Officer for Sustainability at Bridgewater, as part of the Global Steering Group for Impact Investment’s 2022 Impact Summit Series. Their discussion focused on the important work of measuring, valuing, and accounting for impact.

Watch a recording of the panel here:

What is impact valuation? It has been described as creating a new financial world order, because it prices in the externalities of every company and investment. We must go beyond pure business results to show the true contributions of businesses to society, both the benefits and costs.

Tracy Palandjian

CEO and Co-Founder, Social Finance

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