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New research from Bridgespan Social Impact, Capricorn Investment Group, and the Skoll Foundation found that few foundations invest their endowments for impact, and those that do allocate just 5% of their investable assets to impact investments.  


Proportion of investable assets the median foundation allocates to impact investments

At Social Finance, we are familiar with this challenge. Last year, we partnered with Builders Initiative to better understand why more philanthropic capital holders do not mobilize more endowment dollars for impact investments. 

Our report, “Breaking Barriers: A Practical Guide to Unlocking Foundation Endowments for Mission and Returns,” outlined the motivations and barriers impacting the flow of endowment assets into impact investments, as well as steps those in the field can take to move further along in their impact investment journeys.  

What We Learned:

While our market landscape uncovered no shortage of barriers to MRI adoption, it also made it clear that aligning endowment assets to mission is doable if individual actors within organizations take deliberate action to do so.  

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