Workshop speakers sitting onstage at Aspen Ideas Festival


Aspen Ideas Festival 2022: Workforce Transformation: What Empowerment Looks Like

Tracy Palandjian and Aspen Ideas Festival

Impact Investments, Workforce & Economic Mobility, Education

What does it mean to engage, upskill, and empower the workforce while at the same time ensuring equitable access and participation? Social Finance CEO and Co-Founder Tracy Palandjian moderated a conversation between two female founders—Rachel Romer Carlson, CEO and Co-Founder of Guild Education, and Carolyn Childers, CEO and Co-Founder of Chief—that sought to answer this question. The session focused on opportunities for tech platforms to deliver critical skills-based education, as well as avenues for mentoring, coaching, and creating the kinds of networking connections that lead to upward mobility and job success.

Watch a recording of the session here:

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