At Social Finance, we know that a lot of what keeps people healthy happens outside of hospitals or doctor’s offices. We focus on driving resources toward interventions and programs that address social determinants of health, focus on prevention, and create promising evidence for moving the needle on community health goals. The uptake of these models into the standard of care has been slow; we need to create breakthrough partnerships that cut across sectors and work together where health starts—in homes, schools, and jobs.

How We Help

  • Partner with health funders such as public health agencies, Medicaid offices, and managed care organizations to rigorously analyze the case for investment in community prevention.
  • Develop outcomes-based funding mechanisms focused on the social determinants of health, allowing health funders to test new approaches without taking on the financial risk that they might not pay off.
  • Facilitate cross-sectoral financial partnerships around health outcomes, building connections between agencies, jurisdictions, and industries that contribute to and benefit from better community health.


South Carolina Nurse-Family Partnership Social Impact Bond

Expand access to the Nurse-Family Partnership to an additional 3,200 first-time, low-income mothers and their babies across South Carolina. Learn more >

Connecticut Home Visiting Outcomes Rate Card

Develop and implement a state-wide outcomes contract for home visiting, linking payment to outcomes that generate value to families and society, support two-generation impacts, and are linked to administrative data. Learn more >

Diabetes Prevention Landscape and Assessment

Partner with the Humana Foundation to assess the case for a large-scale expansion of diabetes prevention efforts via Pay for Success. Learn more >

Haiti Cholera Impact Bond Term Sheet

Partner with the UN Special Envoy for Haiti and USAID to assess and refine the terms and structure of an impact bond focused on cholera elimination.

Nurse-Midwife Career Impact Bond Exploration

Partner with Johnson & Johnson and the Aspen Institute to assess the potential of Career Impact Bonds to expand access to careers in nursing and midwifery. Learn more >

California Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission

Collaborate with the state, counties, and community stakeholders to strengthen innovation and continuous improvement efforts under the Mental Health Services Act.

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Our Team

We focus on better birth outcomes, preventing child injury, reducing pediatric asthma hospitalizations, improving access to high-quality mental health services, preventing diabetes, helping people living with chronic illnesses get good jobs, and strengthening the health workforce. Our team members have diverse backgrounds across health sectors, including health care consulting, health systems strengthening, and digital health. Learn more >>

Contact Us

If you are interested in learning more about our health care work, contact Vice President and Head of Advisory Jake Segal.