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Tradeoffs Podcast: Turning Long-Term Care Into a Long-Term Career

Dan Gorenstein and Tradeoffs Podcast

From the Social Finance Institute

The Social Finance Institute, Health, Workforce & Economic Mobility, Career Impact Bonds

Key Takeaway

Medicaid covers more than 40% of all long-term care costs in the U.S. Employers are also concerned about paying to train someone who could take their new skills to a different organization. Jonathan Gruber, an MIT health economist best known for his role as one of the architects of the Affordable Care Act, is pushing a different funding approach he thinks could address those concerns: the Career Impact Bond.

In this episode of the Tradeoffs podcast, hosted by health policy reporter Dan Gorenstein, Gorenstein explores whether innovative career pathways designed to upskill long-term care workers into higher-paying health care roles could address the U.S.’s looming health workforce shortage. Social Finance’s work to develop sustainable health care career pathways in Massachusetts and elsewhere is mentioned in the episode.

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Career ladders and lattices alone, regardless of who pays for them, will not be enough to fill the up to 8 million jobs needed to care for our aging population in the years to come ... But people in the field all say career ladders would help. And for individual workers, it can be huge.Dan Gorenstein

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