The Social Finance Institute

Our Approach

Coming soon: At Social Finance, we aspire to realign markets and systems around outcomes. To scale this vision, we will launch the Social Finance Institute: a field-building effort equipping leaders with actionable tools to pursue impact. Through the Institute, we aim to expand our reach and build an ecosystem of outcomes-based practice far beyond the scope of our direct efforts.

Our Services

The Social Finance Institute will engage public and private sector leaders, including practitioners, policymakers, philanthropists, and investors through:

  • Cohort models that will convene changemakers to learn from experts and peers, apply outcomes-based approaches, and generate tangible action plans.

  • Actionable publications that will elevate what works—and what to avoid—in pursuing outcomes-based approaches.

  • Advocacy for policies that will enable and accelerate opportunities for public and private dollars to maximize impact and that resonate across the political spectrum.

Featured Work

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Workforce Realigned
Workforce Realigned book cover

Workforce Realigned

A book from Social Finance and the Federal Reserve Banks of Atlanta and Philadelphia sharing 19 case studies on how to reboot economic mobility in America

Talent Finance
Man is working at the busy metal factory
Man is working at metal factory, he is welding a piece of rail using special tools.

Talent Finance


Market size for corporate talent finance in the U.S., identified as part of a partnership with Walmart

Donnie Charleston gesturing, midconversation

Blue Shield of California Foundation Workshops

Workshops with private and public stakeholders on how outcomes-based contracting can help fund and invest in prevention

Our economy and our world are changing rapidly. Social Finance is a key organization helping to build bridges across sectors and encourage innovation so we are ready for the world we're becoming.

Former Governor Deval Patrick

Professor of Practice and Co-Director, Center for Public Leadership, Harvard Kennedy School

Headshot of Deval Patrick, wearing a quarter zip in a library.
We wanted to learn from past Pay for Success programs and build new models that truly get us toward outcomes-based policymaking. I think we’re really turning the corner on this. That's why we did SIPPRA [the Social Impact Partnerships to Pay for Results Act].

Paul Ryan

Former Speaker of the House; President, American Idea Foundation, in Workforce Realigned podcast

It’s critical to rethink our education and training systems. Workforce Realigned brings together innovative ideas from a diverse set of leading thinkers to build smarter, more accountable partnerships that place worker outcomes at the center.

Dr. Raj Chetty

William A. Ackman Professor of Public Economics, Harvard University

Dr Raj Chetty Headshot
The world’s needs today far exceed the pool of philanthropic capital—the scale of the capital markets is critical to solve urgent social and environmental challenges.

Hervé Duteil

Chief Sustainability Officer, Americas, BNP Paribas

Hervé P. Duteil Headshot