Photo of Martha, a participant in the Home for Good Anchorage Pay for Success Project.

Centering Participant Voice in the Home for Good Program

Public Sector Solutions, Homelessness & Housing


Martha is serving as an Advisory member of Home for Good’s Executive Steering Committee, where she is using her lived experience in homelessness to help others.

Adapted from a story that appeared in the Anchorage Daily News sponsored content section. Martha joined the Home for Good Executive Steering Committee as an Advisory member shortly after the article was published.

Before losing her home, Martha was an “everyday mother” with a blue-collar career. “I went from that, to being retired, to being homeless,” she told United Way of Anchorage. “And that’s quite a big jump.”

Martha found comprehensive housing and health support and resources through Home for Good, an outcomes-based funding project between the Municipality of Anchorage, United Way of Anchorage, Social Finance, and additional organizations including health care, supportive housing, and philanthropic partners. Launched in 2020, the housing-first program is the first of its kind in Alaska, a Pay for Success model where the municipality pays only for results achieved—and the program is delivering on its goals. As of January 2023, Martha is one of 67 people who have found safe and stable housing thanks to Home for Good.

“[Home for Good] looks at you as a whole person,” Martha said. Now, her long-term goal is to buy her own home.

That’s my goal, that’s my dream … to be able to relax and feel safe, and have a roof over my head long-term, and not have to worry about that again for the rest of my life.Martha, Home for Good participant

Martha is serving as an Advisory member of the Home for Good Executive Steering Committee, where she is using her experience with homelessness and housing insecurity to help others experiencing similar challenges. Martha’s appointment is not only a significant personal achievement, it also brings the perspectives of those with lived experience to help address homelessness in Anchorage. 

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