Cam, an ADTC participant, smiles at the camera in his gray jumpsuit uniform.

After Doubling His Income, Cam Looks Forward to the Future

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“We’re looking towards settling down, buying a house, doing the American Dream stuff. We’re just excited about our future.”

This story is adapted from “Filling in the Skills Gap: A New Way of Training Workers to Match the Jobs,” a news segment that aired on Matter of Fact TV in August 2021 and again in September 2022.

Cam was living in West Virginia when the pandemic started. His wife lost her corporate job, and his job as a chiropractic assistant wasn’t enough to pay the bills. Suddenly, he was plunged into financial uncertainty.

That’s when he learned about American Diesel Training Centers (ADTC), an Ohio school that prepares people for careers as diesel mechanics—an in-demand occupation facing labor shortages across the country. Through a partnership with Social Finance, Cam would pay for the schooling only if it landed him a job, thanks to a student-friendly financing agreement called the Career Impact Bond, designed to help students upskill with minimal financial risk.

Cam enrolled in ADTC and relocated to Ohio for training. Five weeks later, he graduated and accepted a job with Kenworth Trucks, earning a starting salary of $42,000—more than double his income before training. “We’re looking towards settling down, buying a house, doing the American Dream stuff,” Cam told Matter of Fact TV. “We’re just excited about our future.”

Watch this video to learn more:

Photo courtesy of Matter of Fact TV. Cam was compensated for his time spent talking about American Diesel Training Centers.

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