Workforce Rx Podcast: The Impact of Private Investment in Workforce Development

In this episode of the WorkforceRx podcast, Futuro Health CEO and host Van Ton-Quinlivan is joined by Tracy Palandjian, CEO and Co-Founder of Social Finance. Tune in to learn more about the Career Impact Bond, an innovative way to fund education and training; collaborations at the state level to support workforce development in key industries; and how Social Finance ensures that its efforts target people who face significant barriers to workforce participation.

 "Think about the sources of capital available to advance our collective goals of achieving economic mobility. You’ve got individual investors. You’ve got companies. You’ve got philanthropy. You’ve got the actual training providers. You’ve got the public sector, which by and large is the biggest player in this system. How do you think about who pays, who benefits, who takes the risk?"

—Tracy Palandjian

Listen to the episode here >


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