Outcomes-Based Approaches for an Equitable Recovery: A Memo to the Biden-Harris Administration

As the Biden-Harris administration seeks to leverage limited resources to achieve profound social change, Social Finance proposes outcomes-based funding (OBF) as a powerful tool. OBF is a set of innovative financing strategies that tie funding to results, enabling the government to use taxpayer dollars to pay for outcomes that programs achieve, as opposed to services that those programs provide.

This memo outlines specific steps that the federal government can take to leverage OBF to advance economic mobility, improve health, and build a more effective government. The recommendations here are grounded in our work to help build the OBF field for the past decade.

“Together, we can build an outcomes driven government that will enable Americans to enjoy healthier lives and greater access to economic opportunity and will ensure that our taxpayer dollars are delivering results.”

The memo includes recommendations from our partners at America Forward, Results for America, JFF, and National Skills Coalition.

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