Episode 5: Accelerating Economic Mobility

In this podcast episode, Social Finance CEO Tracy Palandjian, General Assembly CEO Lisa Lewin, and American Diesel Training Centers CEO Tim Spurlock discuss closing the skills gap and rethinking the way we finance worker training and education to build a more inclusive future of work.

If you really want to transform people's lives and their livelihoods, it takes not just a great curriculum, but all these other supports. There is no substitute for one-on-one career coaching, interview prep, networking support—the kinds of things in traditional recruitment that often get overlooked. Those are the kinds of services that Career Impact Bonds support and invest in, in addition to social worker support, discretionary funds, and emergency cash.” —Lisa Lewin

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The Workforce Realigned podcast offers innovative ideas about how to reboot economic mobility in America. It is part of a larger book, event, and action group series called Workforce Realigned, presented by Social Finance and the Federal Reserve Banks of Atlanta and Philadelphia.

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