Social Finance is partnering with New Castle County, Delaware (NCC) and the nonprofit Children and Families First (CFF) to expand access to high-quality prenatal and postnatal health care to 120 first-time, Medicaid-eligible mothers living in the county.

CFF will provide services, beginning in Fall 2022 and concluding in Winter 2026, using the evidence-based Nurse Family Partnership model, which pairs mothers with specialized registered nurses who offer home-based care to support healthy pregnancies and improve childhood health.

The Longwood Foundation, a philanthropy based in Wilmington, Delaware, has granted $1.8 million to CFF to expand services in Fall 2022 and deliver on a set of specific outcome metrics geared toward mother and child wellness. Longwood will grant an additional $1.2 million in early 2024 should CFF meet or surpass these metrics.

NCC has committed to supporting the expansion of CFF by reimbursing Longwood up to $3 million, allocated from American Rescue Plan Act funds, based on outcomes achieved through the close of the initiative in 2026. Longwood will reinvest a portion of these reimbursements in CFF, ultimately enabling the nonprofit to serve more New Castle County families, even beyond the lifespan of this initial project.

How It Works

Longwood Foundation

Provides $1.8 million grant to CFF to expand services to 120 first-time, Medicaid-eligible mothers.


Children and Families First

Provides services using the Nurse-Family Partnership model.


Mothers and Children

Receive services between between 2022 and 2026.


Social Finance

Evaluates service delivery outcomes.


New Castle County, Delaware

Reimburses Longwood Foundation up to $3 million, based on outcomes.


Longwood Foundation

Reinvests a portion of the reimbursements from NCC into CFF.

Project Partners

Project Supporters