Outcomes Rate Cards

Outcomes rate cards are a menu of outcomes that government seeks to achieve and the prices they are willing to pay for each outcome achievement.

They are used as a procurement and contracting tool with the ability to standardize performance-based financing, through Pay for Success, and drastically reduce the time such deals take to get to market.  One rate card can result in multiple contracts with multiple providers, who must deliver against its pre-determined outcomes and prices, receiving payment only when the stated outcomes are achieved and participants’ lives are positively impacted.

Outcomes Rate Card Process

To develop an outcomes rate card, government selects outcomes, identifies target population(s), sets prices, and selects an evaluation/measurement methodology as the basis for a PFS procurement for multiple service providers.

The outcomes rate card is a tool to launch multi-provider procurements with the ability to innovate the US PFS market by standardizing processes, expediting development timelines and significantly increasing the number of PFS projects launched.

The Innovation Fund, the first outcomes rate card project developed in the UK, leveraged a single rate card to: deploy roughly £30 million of capital, finalize 10 contracts with six providers across the UK, and serve up to 17,000 at risk youth ages 14-24.


Outcomes Rate Cards in Development

Connecticut Office of Early Childhood

The Yale Child Study Center and the Connecticut Office of Early Childhood worked with Social Finance to design an outcomes rate card addressing early childhood outcomes, building on the state’s history with Pay for Success. The project launched in February 2018.

Fairfax County, Virginia

Fairfax County, Virginia is partnering with Social Finance to develop an outcomes rate card that improves outcomes for low-income and immigrant families, through its Strengthening Families Program: For Parents and Youth 10-14 and Families Reunite programs.

Ohio Department of Health

The Ohio Department of Health will develop an outcomes rate card for Ohio’s home visiting system to improve outcomes for low-income, at-risk expectant parents, reduce its infant mortality rate, and address the racial disparity in infant mortality.

Riverside County Executive Office

Social Finance is working with Riverside County Executive Office to develop an outcomes rate card to improve social, emotional, and behavioral health and educational outcomes for children ages 0-5.

United Way of Anchorage

United Way of Anchorage is partnering with Social Finance to develop an outcomes rate card that expands Permanent Supportive Housing for individuals experiencing homelessness, who are frequent users of the criminal justice and health care systems.

Workforce Investment Network

The Workforce Investment Network, a Tennessee-based community resource that prepares job seekers for success and helps connect them with employment opportunities, worked with Social Finance and Memphis Tomorrow to develop a rate card serving individuals at a moderate-to-high risk of re-offending. The project concluded in 2019.

Workforce Solutions Capital Area

Workforce Solutions Capital Area is receiving technical assistance from Social Finance to plan, design, and execute an outcomes rate card that targets educational and employment outcomes in Austin and Travis County, Texas. Services will target residents of low-to-moderate income to improve limited education and language skills, credential completion, job placement, retention, and earnings.

Social Finance believes in a solutions-oriented approach to solving challenges. Outcomes rate cards expand the spectrum of PFS tools available in the US, to tackle this country’s most pressing social issues.

There is no “one PFS fits all” answer. Outcomes rate cards and other outcomes-focused mechanisms can all be tools to drive social progress, when designed thoughtfully.

In a time of rising need and shrinking resources, we need to embrace innovation and give government multiple tools with which to tackle social challenges. Outcomes rate cards provide one promising solution to contract multiple PFS projects, improving social outcomes for people in need.