A story of impact: Nurse-Family Partnership supports mom Terri and her daughter Aubrielle

Social Finance July 30, 2020

Social Finance adapted this post, which originally appeared on Nurse-Family Partnership’s website.

Photo: Nurse-Family Partnership

Terri was 22-weeks pregnant when she found out that something was wrong. A routine ultrasound had revealed that her baby had a heart defect. She was devastated as she nervously waited for more information.

Tests revealed the baby had a Chromosome 8 deletion, a rare genetic condition that can result in growth deficiencies, skull and facial malformations, heart abnormalities, mental impacts, and other defects.

“The doctor told me the worst of the worst possible outcomes,” Terri said. “All I could think was ‘What did I do?’ ‘What went wrong?’ ”

Fortunately, she had nurse Karen.

Terri met Karen when she enrolled in the Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP) at McLeod Health in Florence, South Carolina. NFP, the state of South Carolina, and Social Finance launched the Pay for Success program in February 2016 with the intention of improving health outcomes for mothers and children living in poverty. The public-private initiative leveraged $30 million in private impact capital and Medicaid funds to expand NFP’s services in South Carolina, making it possible for 3,200 mothers to access critical prenatal and postnatal health care services.

Terri was among the women who enrolled in the program with the hope of raising a healthy child. With support from Karen, Terri navigated her pregnancy and multiple rounds of treatment and therapy for her daughter, Aubrielle.

Today, Terri and Aubrielle are flourishing. Terri has finished nursing school, and Aubrielle is “growing into a vibrant young lady.”

“Terri is just an awesome mom,” Karen said.