We’re committed to helping public sector leaders learn and apply the principles of outcomes-based funding through collaborative training sessions and workshops.

What We Do


For government and public leaders in the early stages of exploring outcomes-based funding concepts, we host brief introductory trainings, conducted virtually or in-person, in which we describe the principles, walk through real-world examples, explore design options, and discuss lessons learned from the field, before leading a group exercise to apply these tools and principles within participants’ communities. In the weeks after, we follow up with participants to strengthen ideas generated during the session.

Leadership Development

For government and public leaders interested in going deeper, Social Finance conducts both in-person and online trainings on eight core concepts underlying outcomes-based funding. We offer in-person sessions in or near our home communities (e.g., Boston, Austin, Bay Area); online trainings accompanied by integrated readings, graphics, and video clips; and full-day intensive, off-site bootcamp for 20-30 representatives of jurisdictions around the country.

During these trainings, we examine the foundational concepts needed to understand outcomes-based work, problems in measurement and evaluation, and how to do outcomes-based financing well, among other topics.


For government and public leaders who have begun to coalesce around a specific topic to apply outcomes-based funding, Social Finance provides technical assistance to help catalyze meaningful action. We facilitate a full-day workshop, followed by 4-6 weekly group working sessions to lay the foundation for an outcomes-based funding mechanism. The incubator will help to define key outcome metrics, how to evaluate success and a roadmap for project development.

Learn More

If you’re interested in learning more about or participating in our training efforts, contact Vice President and Head of Advisory Jake Segal. And if you need additional resources, see our publications.