Workshop Opportunity: Outcomes-Based Funding

Interested in learning about outcomes-based contracting?

The California Health in All Policies Task Force and national nonprofits Social Finance and the Center for Health Care Strategies have received funding from the Blue Shield of California Foundation to help train public-sector leaders on outcomes-based funding approaches, via free 2-hour workshops.

The workshops are part of a larger research and training effort focused on the value of prevention in driving better health outcomes. The intention is to explore whether we should be creating contracts differently: paying for the results of a program, instead of focusing solely on program delivery. It’s an idea that has gotten some traction in recent years, driven by innovative leadership in the Obama Administration (Office of Social Innovation), in state and local governments (Washington Post), and spurred by a new $100m push from the US Treasury (The Hill).

We don’t know yet how these tools fit into the work of state and local government. Through these trainings, we hope to both share what we’re learning about the space and brainstorm together about where these tools are, and aren’t, relevant for your work.

The Opportunity: Free 2-hour customized workshop(s) for you and your colleagues.

​​Participating departments will receive: 

  • An in-depth overview of outcomes-based contracting, including examples from other states and emerging best practices.
  • An opportunity to apply some of the methods of outcomes-based contracting to a real-world issue, in a workshop setting.

In return, the trainers will receive: 

  • ​Your insights on opportunities and barriers, as well as your input via a brief survey.

Please contact us if your department would be interested in a workshop

Jake Segal, Social Finance: