Dr. Anjali Chainani


Year: 2021

Dr. Anjali Chainani is an advisor at Social Finance. She has worked in the local government and non-profit industries for over 20 years, gaining experience in evidence-informed policymaking, applied behavioral insights research, and strategic change management. As a seasoned local government leader Dr. Chainani is passionate about advancing the practical use of data and public sector innovation, and has been recognized as a local government innovator after establishing the GovLabPHL initiative in the City of Philadelphia, and as a co-founder of the Philadelphia Behavioral Science Initiative.

Dr. Chainani brings forth a multi-disciplinary approach that integrates behavioral insights, racial equity, social work, and public health. She now manages her own social impact consulting firm, Anavi Strategies, based out of Philadelphia, PA.  Dr. Chainani holds a Ph.D. in Health Policy, and a double masters in Public Health and Social Work.