Can Student-Centered Income Share Agreements Improve Economic Opportunity and Equity?

The Aspen Institute published an issue brief that explores how income share agreements (ISAs) could be designed and operated to improve economic opportunity for American workers. The content of the report is based on informational interviews from stakeholders across the ISA landscape, such as nonprofit, for-profit, and workforce ISA providers; impact investors; philanthropic organizations; consumer protection advocates; workforce experts; and higher education policy experts. The publication includes policy guidance and principles for student-centered ISAs for both policymakers and providers. 

“While long-standing racial and economic inequities are attributed to far more than just educational access and attainment, ISAs could help reduce these inequities as they relate to postsecondary education access. [Their] focus on students’ expected future success rather than past metrics like income and credit score could expand access to financing and thus access to educational and job opportunities.”

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