The Ventura County Project to Support Reentry was a Pay for Success project between Ventura County, CA; Interface Children & Family Services; and Social Finance to reduce recidivism, improve public safety, and promote family stability for adults on formal probation in Ventura County. Through this partnership, impact investors provided upfront capital to fund individualized services for formerly incarcerated individuals and were repaid by Ventura County to the extent that measurable reductions in recidivism were achieved. A total of $2.59 million was mobilized to serve 346 adult probationers in medium-to-high-risk situations from 2017 to 2021. In doing so, the project achieved its goals of improving public safety and promoting family stability and economic opportunity for these individuals, who were previously excluded from other opportunities for support. 

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Goals of the project

  • Reduce recidivism, improve public safety, and promote family stability and economic opportunity for those on formal probation in Ventura County
  • Expand high-quality services for a priority population that was excluded from other government-funded supportive services 
  • Support the policy priorities of the California Board of State and Community Corrections and Ventura County to improve life outcomes for recently incarcerated people and strengthen local communities

How It Works

County of Ventura

Made payments for outcomes achieved

1 Partner

Social Finance

Developed project, mobilized capital, managed for results

2 Developed & Financed

Interface Children & Family Services

Provided a customized suite of services

3 Delivered Services

Program participants

Worked toward successful reentry, with the support of Interface

4 Achieved Outcomes

University of California, Los Angeles

Measured outcomes

5 Triggered Outcome Payments

Impact Investors

Provided upfront capital

Key Resources


Ventura County served as outcomes payor for this project.

Interface Children & Family Services received funding to deliver comprehensive reentry support services, including case management, Moral Reconation Therapy, and other evidence-based practices.

Social Finance supported the design, negotiation, and financial structuring of the project and managed the capital raise. Social Finance also coordinated performance management services for the duration of the project.

Dr. Nena Messina of the University of California, Los Angeles led the evaluation of the project.

The Board of State and Community Corrections provided funding to use toward outcome payments.

Jones Day served as legal counsel to Social Finance.

Wilmington Trust served as fiscal agent and custodian for this project.


The project’s funders include:


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