The Blood Bank of Delmarva Sustainability Project is a collaborative Pay for Success (PFS) initiative of the Delaware Community Foundation (DCF), Discover Bank, Longwood Foundation and Blood Bank of Delmarva. The first of its kind in Delaware, the project aims to increase the number of young people donating blood, and to demonstrate the PFS model for the state.

Recruiting new blood donors, especially younger donors, is a rising challenge. Millennials, age 17-34 years old, currently represent only 15% of the Blood Bank of Delmarva’s donor base. In addition, blood donations at donor centers have decreased.

DCF Social Impact Fund, an evergreen fund launched by Discover Bank and DCF in 2017, will invest $450K in Blood Bank of Delmarva to scale its bloodmobile program. The bloodmobile project will measure two outcomes: blood units from youth donors and percentage of total units imported from beyond service area.

To the extent that project outcomes are achieved, Longwood Foundation will repay DCF Social Impact Fund the principal with the potential for a premium based on project success. This will enable DCF Social Impact Fund to re-invest their capital in another social impact initiative.

Social Finance served as an adviser during the development of the project.

Goals of the project

  • Secure 500 additioanl units of blood from millenial donors each year of the project
  • Increase the region’s local blood supply, reducing the need for imported blood
  • Serve as a demonstration project for the use of Pay for Success in the State of Delaware

How It Works

DCF Social Impact Fund

Provide upfront capital

1 Finance

Blood Bank of Delmarva

Increase blood donations

2 Deliver Services

Blood Donors

Donate blood

3 Achieve Outcomes

New York Blood Center

Measure outcomes

4 Trigger Outcome Payments

Longwood Foundation

Make payments if outcomes are achieved

5 Repay

DCF Social Impact Fund

Reinvest funds for social impact

Key Resources


Longwood Foundation serves as payor for the project and will make up to $500K in outcome payments.

Blood Bank of Delmarva will scale their bloodmobile program to increase blood donations.

New York Blood Center will lead the evaluation of the project and serve as a project manager.

Social Finance advised the design of the project.


The project’s funders include: