Donnie Charleston

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Vice President, Public Sector Partnerships


  • Public Sector
  • Impact Advisory

Economic Mobility, Public Safety & Reentry

Donnie Charleston is the Vice President, Public Sector Partnerships at Social Finance. His career has focused on bridging the gap between research and implementation for governments and nonprofits. He has experience in a range of diverse issue areas, including workforce and economic development, budgeting and finance, human services, and criminal justice.

Prior to Social Finance, Donnie worked as Director of Public Policy & Advocacy for E Pluribus Unum, where he was responsible for developing the organization’s policy agenda and overseeing public policy research and partnerships. Before EPU, Donnie served as Director of State & Local Fiscal Engagement for The Urban Institute. He also has extensive experience working in state and local government agencies, including the North Carolina Legislature, along with stints at two University think tanks. A native of North Carolina, Donnie currently lives in the Washington, D.C region. He holds bachelor degrees in Sociology and Psychology, as well as a Masters in Sociology from North Carolina Central University. His doctoral work at NC State University focused on Socioeconomics and Social Psychology.