Since 2011, Social Finance has pioneered a set of outcomes-based financing strategies that directly and transparently link resources to impact. Our impact investing team designs and implement­­­s tools that leverage catalytic capital to deliver measurable, sustainable impact, including Social Impact Bonds and Career Impact Bonds. Our work sits within the broader impact investing field, a growing global movement that represents more than $715 billion in assets under management. While all impact investments aim to generate both positive social and financial returns, the impact-first tools we employ are unique in that financial returns are dependent on impact, and impact is based on measurable outcomes rather than outputs.

Our team partners with governments, service providers, foundations, impact investors, and financial institutions to apply innovative financing strategies across a range of issues, including education, economic mobility, health, and housing.

In our impact investing work, Social Finance acts as a project leader, working with project partners to:

  • Drive project design, from identifying priority populations and outcomes to defining implementation and evaluation plans
  • Identify financial structure, from modeling project economics to assessing risk
  • Develop, negotiate, and execute outcomes-based contracts
  • Raise necessary capital for the project from a range of impact investors, including financial institutions, foundations, donor-advised funds, and individuals
  • Establish and implement strong governance and accountability systems, supporting project partners to integrate real-time data and decision-making to achieve success.

Social Finance stays involved in our impact investments for the entire life of the project. We believe this end-to-end engagement best positions projects to achieve social and financial returns.

Learn more about Social Impact Bonds and Career Impact Bonds >>

The UP Fund

In 2019, Social Finance became a fund manager by launching the UP Fund, a $50 million pool of impact investor capital to improve economic mobility. Learn more >>

Dreamers Graduate Loan Program

In 2021, Social Finance partnered with TheDream.US, a college success program for immigrant youth, to develop a $100 million graduate school loan pilot program for students who want to pursue professional degrees but can’t access public loan programs due to their immigration statuses. Learn more >>

Google Career Certificates Fund

In 2022, with support from the $100 million Google Career Certificates Fund, Social Finance launched an innovative investment program to empower more than 20,000 learners to realize over $1 billion in aggregate wage gains over the next decade. Learn more >>

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