Service Providers

High impact service providers need flexible, sustainable funding to expand effective programs and generate greater impact. Instead, too many must rely on fee-for-service funding that under-funds, impedes, or even prohibits activities that could generate more impact. 

Pay for Success gives effective service providers access to up-front capital to scale programs that consistently achieve strong outcomes. Some promising Pay for Success focus areas include workforce development, education, health, homelessness, family stability, and criminal justice.

How Pay for Success Benefits Service Providers

  • Provides multi-year, flexible, unrestricted funding
  • Places economic value on the outcomes of your programs, rather than the outputs
  • Includes funding for critical internal systems such as data systems and analysis, project ramp-up periods, and evaluations

At the heart of a successful Pay for Success initiative is a service provider with a strong history implementing evidence-based practices, a track record of growth, and data systems that can track individuals through the program (and ideally beyond). For Pay for Success, evidence is key—interventions with formal evaluations and rigorous study design are preferred.

Self Assessment: Are you Pay for Success ready?


What outcomes are you trying to achieve and for whom?


What benefits does your program produce for participants and for society?


What data or evidence demonstrate those benefits?


What is the full cost to serve one participant in your program?

Organizational Capacity

What additional capacity is needed to grow while maintaining strong outcomes?

External support

Who are your champions within government and within your community?

If your organization can clearly answer the questions above and you want to learn more about Pay for Success financing, contact us.