From intensifying forest fires to rising sea levels, the environmental challenges we face today are unprecedented and our communities are increasingly recognizing the need to build greater resilience. This requires innovation, cross-sector partnerships, and importantly, alternative financing models. Philanthropy and public funding alone cannot drive the change we need—mobilizing catalytic capital is necessary to achieve our desired environmental outcomes.

Social Finance offers advisory, technical support, and impact investment services designed to scale environmental sustainability and resiliency solutions. We work across a range of environmental issues, including coastal restoration, energy efficiency, forest restoration and resilience, stormwater and flood management, land and wildlife conservation, and more.

How We Help

  • Define and value the cost of poor environmental and social outcomes and develop cost-benefit analyses to demonstrate the value of an intervention.
  • Create data systems and measurement plans to evaluate the impact of interventions.
  • Provide expertise to structure outcomes-based funding and financing tools and perform due diligence on potential implementation partners.
  • Develop contracts linking payment with measurable outcomes.
  • Engage and convene key stakeholders to address environmental challenges.


NYSERDA Energy Retrofits

Assess environmental, economic, and social outcomes related to energy efficiency and the potential of outcomes-based funding to scale New York State Energy Research and Development Authority’s energy efficiency programs.

Pay for Success Clean Energy Training

Partner with the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), the U.S. Department of the Treasury, and the U.S. Department of Labor to develop a Pay for Success model wherein NYSERDA funds clean energy job training and supportive services for over 660 New Yorkers, including the long-term unemployed, low-wage workers, and youth aged 16-24. Learn more >

Resilience Screen for The Rockefeller Foundation

Co-develop a resilience screen for 100 Resilient Cities and The Rockefeller Foundation that evaluates an infrastructure project’s negative consequences, along with its positive social co-benefits. The tool is now being used for Rockefeller’s $500 million Urban Resilience Fund (TURF) to identify and evaluate the resilience value of infrastructure projects.

Public Health Impacts of Forest Fires

Support Blue Forest Conservation in identifying public health outcomes related to wildfires and developing a prioritized list of potential public and private health organizations in Northern California that may benefit from reduced wildfire risk.

Vertical Harvest Sustainability Bond

Assess the social, economic, and environmental impact of expanding Vertical Harvest’s inclusive employment model to individuals with disabilities through the launch of its second vertical farm in Westbrook, Maine. The project is being financed through sustainability bonds, an innovative revenue bond instrument that establishes an impact reporting mechanism to ensure that the use of bond proceeds generates the desired social and environmental impacts of the investment.

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Our Team

Over the past decade, Social Finance has managed a wide range of programs and funding sources that aim to improve outcomes for society. Our team consists of professionals with experience in infrastructure bonds, government, policy, management consulting, public health, and environmental issues. Our General Counsel has experience in structuring innovative public financing for infrastructure needs, including the first issue of Green Bonds issued in the municipal market in 2013. Learn more >>

Contact Us

If you are interested in learning more about our environmental sustainability work, contact Managing Director and General Counsel Navjeet Bal.