Decades of research have demonstrated the importance of stable home and family environments for healthy physical, cognitive, social, and emotional child development. Supporting parental mental and physical health and economic stability will help strengthen families and give children a better start, from the very beginning. Social Finance believes that when we expand effective programs and build a society that supports children and families, we improve outcomes across the board—in health, education, criminal justice, workforce and more.

How We Help

  • Provide intermediary services on leading child welfare Social Impact Bonds.
  • Offer expertise and implementation support to state and local governments and community early childhood collaboratives to implement outcomes rate cards and other outcomes-driven practices.
  • Design and implement outcomes-based projects in home visiting.
  • Conduct cost-benefit analyses and literature reviews to make the case for early childhood investments.
  • Support outcome selection and performance management for nonprofit, public sector, and philanthropic clients.


Supporting Indiana Mothers

Work with Goodwill NFP, a community health program that pairs vulnerable first-time mothers with registered nurses, to analyze its operations and develop a set of recommendations, enabling the program to reach more high-risk mothers and improve program performance. Learn more >

Advancing Child Health in Michigan

Support First Steps Kent, a nonprofit in Kent County, Michigan, to build outcomes-based financing for early childhood services in home visiting and environmental health as part of the county’s Ready by Five Initiative. Learn more >

South Carolina Nurse-Family Partnership Social Impact Bond

Expand access to the Nurse-Family Partnership to an additional 3,200 first-time, low-income mothers and their babies across South Carolina. Learn more >

Connecticut Home Visiting Outcomes Rate Card

Develop and implement a state-wide outcomes contract for home visiting, linking payment to outcomes that generate value to families and society, support two-generation impacts, and are linked to administrative data. Learn more >

Connecticut Family Stability Pay for Success Project

Mobilize $11.2 million to promote family stability and reduce parental substance use as part of the Connecticut Family Stability Pay for Success Project, a partnership between Connecticut Department of Children and Families (DCF), Family-Based Recovery, and Social Finance. Learn more >

Early Childhood Outcomes Rate Card in Kent County, MI

Support First Steps Kent, a nonprofit organization in Kent County, Michigan, in releasing two RFPs and developing outcomes-based contracts for the county’s Ready by Five initiative, which was funded out of a six-year millage to advance early childhood development.

Missouri Children’s Trust Fund Outcomes Rate Card

Develop and launch a pilot outcomes rate card with Missouri’s Children’s Trust Fund to advance outcomes for children and families in Missouri and pave the way for broader adoption of outcomes-based funding within the state. Learn more >

Outcomes-focused Texas Prevention and Early Intervention Programs

Partner with the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services: Prevention and Early Intervention program to embed outcomes-based practices into its contracting and management processes. The Episcopal Health Foundation generously provided funding for this project to improve the lives of children and families throughout Texas. Learn more >

National Partnership with Nurse-Family Partnership

Work with Nurse-Family Partnership to expand home visiting services for first-time mothers—developing and exploring outcomes-based funding projects in South Carolina, Indiana, and other jurisdictions throughout the United States.

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Our Team

Over nearly a decade of developing outcomes-based funding initiatives, Social Finance has supported a wide range of programs and funding sources that aim to improve outcomes for children and families, with a particular expertise in early childhood and nurse home visiting. We approach a project with families at the center—whether we are advising a state government on building outcomes-based payment into a procurement, or supporting performance management for a foundation’s grantees. Our team has developed expertise with the academic literature on early childhood interventions and cost-benefit analyses of these programs, equipping us to support policymakers with decisions about how to maximize outcomes for each public dollar. Learn more >>

Contact Us

If you are interested in learning more about our children and families work, contact Directors Leah Greenberg or Annie Dear.