Active Performance Management

Social Finance plays a key ongoing role in project oversight, reporting, and performance management once Pay for Success projects have launched. Ongoing course corrections, guided by data and engaged partnership with all parties, is a critical component of strong Pay for Success projects.

Our performance management services include governance oversight, progress monitoring and analytical support, course corrections, and financial management and investor relations.

Manage For Results

Our Work

While the Center for Employment Opportunities prides itself on its performance management capacity, Social Finance has provided invaluable assistance in helping identify, and anticipate, program and operational issues. Their analytic capacity and ability to message clearly to all partners has kept the project running consistently since it began.”

– Sam Schaeffer, CEO, Center for Employment Opportunities

Social Finance is partnering with the Center for Employment Opportunities in New York State on a Pay for Success project to increase employment and improve public safety by expanding access to comprehensive employment services for formerly-incarcerated individuals. Since the project launched in December 2013, our active performance management team has helped ensure the project stays on track. By analyzing the regular data from both the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision and the Center for Employment Opportunities, Social Finance can facilitate standing meetings to review performance and optimize referrals and services.

The partnership between the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision, the Center for Employment Opportunities and Social Finance has led to strong operational performance and a new level of collaboration. The first phase of the project met its 1,000 person enrollment target ahead of schedule, due in part to the course corrections and performance management between the project partners.